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Award Winning Autistic/ND Provider   

Aspect Award Winner 2022
Autism Queensland Award Finalist 2023
Carers Queensand Award Winner 2023

Autistic-led Play-Based Therapy

& Affirming Social Connections.


Our company is founded by Autistic parents, for Autistic children. 

At TEC, we needed to see a change in the world, so we created it. We created a place for our children where they felt safe to be themselves, so they could learn, grow and develop. We created adventures where neuro-kin came together and friendships were forged. We created a community where parents and carers had support and understanding. 

We provide our Autistic community with neuro-affirming therapy, diagnostics, social connection and family support.

This is TEC. Welcome to our Tribe.

Autistic Neuoaffirming play based therapy
Autistic Social Play Based Groups
Find your neurokin family
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Meet Our TEC Founders

Meet our TEC founder, Sarah Nelson, Tara Kent and Tammy Watson. 


TEC is an autistic-led company providing evidence-based, ND-affirming therapeutic pathways to improve well-being, capacity building and self-regulation through connection and play.

- Sarah Nelson

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Sarah Nelson


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Tammy W


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Tara Kent


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