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Through activities synonymous with childhood and surrounded by accepting and qualified staff, our Tribe builds a sense of safety and acceptance.

ND Affirming Services

Evidence-based, ND-affirming Therapeutic Pathways to improve well-being, capacity building and self-regulation through connection and play.

The TEC program provides all Autistic children with the support they need, whether through capacity-building adventures and experiences within the community, play-therapy based on ND-affirming behavioural practices or more intensive support provided by our multidisciplinary team.

Through activities synonymous with childhood and surrounded by accepting and qualified staff, our Tribe builds a sense of safety and acceptance, learning & consolidating connection and self-regulation techniques and building self-confidence and pride in their fabulous Autistic/ND neurology.

TEC's sister companies (Divergantz & Instinct Au) work alongside TEC to ensure that all children's unique needs are positively supported in an ND-affirming manner.

Instinct Au provides ND-affirming Behaviour Practitioners for every session. This collaborative approach enables superb integration of support for neurodivergent brains to co-regulate with their peers and assists children enrolled with Instinct Au for PBSP development. Our sister companies provide our Tribe access to our experienced, ND-affirming Allied health professionals for assessment, diagnostics and respectful non-ABA-based Behaviour Supports.

TEC Sessions are programmed by our Autistic/ND Allied Health team, with individualised care plans created for each child during the initial assessment process to ensure that therapeutic pathways align with personal needs and NDIS goals.


TEC is staffed by Certified Autistic/ND aware Behaviour Practitioners (non-ABA), Therapy Assistants and ND Allied health supports, using play & interest-based engagement techniques in combination with neuroscience, incorporating co-regulation concepts inspired by Dr. Ross Greene and our Developmental Educator, Tara Kent.


About TEC's Sessions.

Our sessions range from 2-5 hours and involve up to 8 children, each provided with the individualised therapeutic supports required to work on their personalised therapeutic programs and goals.

Our Allied health team (Developmental Educator, Social Workers, Speechy, OT, Clinical Nurse & Counsellors) embed each child's therapeutic pathway into TEC's play and interest-based sessions.

Our sessions are fun, engaging and unique! They could be messy & loud, full of movement or calm and serene, huddled in the comfortable sensory aware environment of their choice.

Sessions are always child-led and positive allowing children & teens the opportunity to feel safe, be with their peers and work on their therapeutic goals simultaneously.

During our sessions, we also focus on assisting children in building confidence in their Autistic/ND identity with age-appropriate discussions (that are always child/teen-led) around concepts and topics that impact them daily. We provide a safe space with like-minded peers and qualified Autistic/ND staff, where raising any subject without fear of judgement is okay.

Detailed session notes written by TEC's Lead Non-ABA Behavioural Practitioners are provided to parents following each session and used by our Allied Health team to individualise TEC's dynamic therapy sessions further, allowing for continual adjustments to meet each child's needs over time.

Our sessions act as clinical observation for our Allied health team so that we can understand our client's needs and provide informed assessments/reports, without unnecessary extra trips to the therapist's office or the additional associated costs.

Trauma-informed practice underpins all TEC sessions. All TEC staff apply a trauma-informed lens to their practice; prioritising continued professional development.


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