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ND Affirming Services

Therapy, Social and Family

The TEC program provides all Autistic children with the support they need, whether through capacity-building adventures and experiences within the community, play-therapy based on ND-affirming behavioural practices, diagnostics or more intensive support provided by our multidisciplinary team. 


TEC Autistic Neuoaffirming play based therapy Brisbane_edited.jpg
TEC Autistic Neuoaffirming social play Brisbane.JPG


Authenticity. Acceptance. Autonomy.

Join us at our TEC clubhouses and be part of our community. Visit your closest clubhouse below for a full list of activities and events.



ECEA Program

Early Childhood, Early Affirmation

We're proud to celebrate the launch of our new ECEA Program at our North Lakes clubhouse each Sunday, 10am-3pm.

Early Childhood Early Affirmation promotes the introduction of Neuro-affirming, capacity-building skills, in a small group environment.

Visit our North Lakes Clubhouse page to register your interest.


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