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TEC, Our Story and How We Got Started

TEC was created by Brisbane Mums, Kylie Reeves and Sarah Nelson when they recognised a gap in services for their 6 autistic children.


There was nowhere for their children to go to spend time with their neurokin in a safe environment that wasn’t designed to change them or teach neurotypical social skills.


We started small, taking 4 autistic teenage boys to a national park in our SUV and letting them interact with each other and nature, on their terms. They built cubbies, skimmed rocks and cooked their lunch on the bbq. It was a special kind of magic to witness these kids who were so socially isolated in mainstream schools and activities, come together so easily, have fun and become friends.

Parents and children often come to us with a similar story; their child has no friends, doesn’t get invited to parties, can't cope at school and is always in trouble.


This sentiment is echoed time and time again and we knew we had to provide something bigger to reach more people, to give this generation an opportunity to grow up feeling that who they are is good enough.


They’re not a failed neurotypical, but a

fabulous neuro-divergent!

Over the past 3 years, TEC has grown to become a multifaceted organisation, not only providing therapeutic and social programs for young people of all support levels throughout South East Queensland but also offering parent education sessions and as many free family events as we can possibly afford.

We have a clear vision for what we want to achieve with TEC


🌈 Celebrate our neurodivergent youth and help them become their very best versions of themselves.


🌈 Educate and connect our neurodivergent families, to provide a platform for them to create their own informal support network.


Our Tribe at TEC continues to grow and more and more families are finding that safe space and experiencing that precious sense of belonging that we all need.

Sarah and Kylie.


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